Looking at the 2015 Toyota Camry as a Family Sedan

2015 Toyota Camry Review We have a Toyota Camry and before purchasing it we put a lot of time into researching cars, trying them out and talking to car owners before we decided what we wanted. So when Toyota asked if I’d like to drive the all new 2015 Camry XSLE for a week I was really excited to compare it to our 2010 Camry XLE and see how it measured up to the car we drive every day and love.

Small Car, Tall Guy. And Child Seats.

Our little family of four can still call a sedan a family car. Sometimes. Our biggest issue is my husband’s height. Of all the mid-full size sedans we’ve tried, the Camry is the only one he can sit in comfortably. His head does touch the top, but he doesn’t have to bend over too much to fit. I was hoping maybe the 2015 would be an inch or two taller inside, but alas, that’s one of the things that didn’t change with the new body style! [Read more…]

Headed to #TNTFtWorth Roadshow + The DFW Auto Show

Monday evening I’m dropping the kids at grandma’s house and headed to Ft. Worth and Dallas for 2 full days of geeky automobile fun! If you haven’t noticed from poking around here on my blog or following me on my social channels, I love cars and reviewing new vehicles is one of my favorite perks of working online!

First up, #TNTFtWorth Roadshow!

Tuesday morning will start bright and early with a tour of the Chevrolet plant in Arlington, TX. I’m really excited about the plant tour. I’ve been to a lot of media days and even toured the head quarters at Ford and driven on their test track, but I’ve never been out in the plant to see how cars are made. My boys are going to be so jealous. Expect lots of photos all over Twitter.

The tour will be followed by a Tech & Travel Roadshow Luncheon and Expo at an area hotel which I’m told is very nice and is the same hotel I’ll be staying at. Convenient, no? We’re supposed to get a VIP tour of this hotel and its recent makeover after lunch and you know I’ll be sharing that too cause I love all things travel!

Next Day: DFW Auto Show!

I had the opportunity to attend this show a few years ago and its a pretty spectacular event. This year I’ll attend the Chevrolet press conference at the Dallas Auto Show as well as some other special events and press conferences! Seems this is the day for the media to get special access and royal treatment. Or something like that.

Follow Along!

Want a front row seat to the excitement? Follow the #TNTFtWorth and #TNTChevy hashtags on Twitter. You’ll see me (@EricaMueller) there along with several other area bloggers!

Win 4 Tickets to the DFW Auto Show!

A few Dallas area bloggers are holding giveaways for tickets to the auto show. If you’re in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and would like to go, you have multiple chances of winning! Be sure to enter at A Frugal Friend, Mama Challenge, Dallas Single Mom, and again over at Milk and Cuddles!

Geek Review: Gear2Go Armband for iPhone

Gear2Go iPhone Armband Review I was recently given the opportunity to try an iPhone Armband for Running From Gear2Go. Because we go for a lot of walks and hikes this time of year I was excited to have something handy for my phone seeing as how most of my athletic clothes have no pockets!

We’ve had some awful weather here lately so I haven’t gotten out as much as I’d like, but I have gotten to use the band, even around the house and it’s comfortable and easy to use! I was impressed that I could use the touch screen even while the phone was in the case.

I’ve seen a few of the bands on the market and one of the things I love about the Gear2Go band is the reflective strip around the border and the key pocket hidden inside! It also has a hidden slot for an ID card so you can remain hands free while on the go!

I can’t wait for our nightly walks to start so I can use this all the time.

Tips for Use:

  1. If you slide your phone into the Armband upside down, it can make it easier to see and navigate when its in the Armband!
  2. If you do it up loosely, slide it up your arm and then tighten, it can sometimes be easier that trying to loop it through and do it up with one hand!

[Read more…]

2015 Toyota Sienna: Re-thinking the Minivan

2015 Toyota Sienna - The Ultimate Road Tripping Van
Never ever ever. Those are the words I’ve always said when people have hinted at me someday needing a minivan. My family made it up to 8 kids and back down to two at home without ever stooping to minivan status. Surely they aren’t a necessity. And a minivan could never be cool.

Or so I thought.

A few months ago we went on a road trip. 14 hours from Texas to Florida. We rented a minivan. By the time that trip was over I was warming up to the idea that at least for trips, minivans are practical. Then Toyota lent me a 2015 Sienna and my mind was made up. If ever I need a minivan, Sienna is the one for me. [Read more…]