My Family Put the 2015 GMC Yukon to the Test!

2015 GMC Yukon Review - Family Road Trip Worthy! There’s nothing like a good family vacation to test a vehicle. With two kids in car seats and 3 adults, nothing short of an SUV with third row seating would work, and something small like a crossover might seat us all, but leave us cramped. That’s why I was really excited when we were offered a 2015 Yukon to review for this trip! We’ve driven a Yukon XL Denali before and loved it so much. We didn’t get the XL this time, but we still had plenty of space for everyone and our luggage!

Meet Violet, The Great Purple Beast.

At first I couldn’t decide what color this vehicle was. In certain light it looks charcoal or even brown. But, in the sunlight it’s clearly metallic purple and we love it! It’s super shiny and has that metallic flecked paint which is why it looks different colors depending on the time of day and the clouds. It’s called Midnight Amethyst Metallic and I think the name really suits the color.

The 2015 Yukon’s square shape adds to the enormous factor. I like to the call the grill a face and this one grins in a menacing way.

Having driven a 2013 Yukon in the fall of 2012 I thought I knew what to expect, but I was wrong!

Here are some of our favorite features of the 2015 Yukon SLT.

  • Heated AND Cooled Seats in the front
  • Heated second row seats
  • Heated Steering Wheel for cold days
  • Remote Start
  • Keyless Entry and Push Button Start
  • Automatic Windshield Wipers with Rain Detect (seriously cool)
  • Second- and third-row power-fold-and-tumble seats
  • Driver Alert

Ok, so I was terribly impressed by the rain detection with automatic wipers. So was my husband. Any time they’d turn on we’d geek out over it all over again. Maybe we’re easily impressed?

I also loved the power fold on the back seats. One button, one finger… can do even with my hands full. Not only that, this vehicle is so big and tall that I would have needed to climb up into it to fold seats down manually.

The driver alert freaked me out the first time I drove the car. Seriously y’all… there’s nothing like a seat that vibrates your thigh area when you cross a white or yellow line! Considering it did this on my road which has no lines, but a lot of patching and those squiggly black lines from ‘fixing’ the cracks, it took me a while to realize just WHY the seat was vibrating and what I was doing wrong! When I got to the main road I figured it out and had a real good laugh then proceeded to cross a few lines on purpose, you know, to test my theory.

I told you. I’m a child at heart easily impressed.

My husband is in love with the 2015 Yukon SLT

Yea. He’s said over and over again how he’s going to miss this car. I asked him this evening how he’d like the same thing as a truck and his eyes got big. Then he plugged in his cell phone to charge and it started charging while the car was turned off. That made his day, cause our Camry doesn’t charge anything unless the car is turned on. I think that may have sealed the deal for him. haha

Live and learn…

My only complaint from our 9 days with the 2015 Yukon SLT was the navigation system. We wanted to take a more scenic route on our trip and having taken this alternate route before, we tried to find it on the system. We thought we had, but we ended up over an hour out of our way, in the dark and pouring down rain on a one-lane road in the mountains. To say we all got a little carsick would be an understatement. On our way home we used the GPS on our phones and had no problem. We watched the GPS on the dashboard and it showed us driving across the middle of nowhere. Apparently the road we were on was pretty new and not in the system’s maps yet. Lesson learned. Check more than one GPS system before trying an alternate route!!

What did the kids think of the 2015 Yukon SLT?

They loved it! Of course having a DVD player and wireless headsets helped a lot, but the 7 year old was also impressed by the amount of cup holders and plugins for electronics. Yes, it even had a regular plug which we used for laptops! I was impressed that it fit even the toddler’s massive car seat with ease.

Would we own a 2015 Yukon?

Absolutely. My husband and I both agreed this is our favorite of the cars we’ve reviewed. We’re already wondering what happens to these fabulous fleet vehicles when the new models come out and how one would go about getting one. :-) We have an older model Dodge Durango that we love and it’s paid for, but it won’t be long before we need to replace it with something that doesn’t break down all the time. Hubs definitely wants a Yukon. He’s already sad about turning it back in tomorrow and he was so tickled to take it to work today to show it off. :)

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