How to Get Social Media Badges for Your Sidebar

How to Add Social Media Badges to Your WordPress Sidebar I was recently asked how people get badges and widgets for social networks in their blog’s sidebars. Truth is, there are hundreds of plugins out there that will help you with theses, but I prefer to use the original code from the platform! Fewer plugins equals a faster site and a lot of times, these codes are so easy to generate it’s faster than installing something!

Google + Badge

You can either grab some code from google here or, you can use a plugin like New Google Plus Badge Widget to get a great looking Google+ badge for your WordPress sidebar! [Read more...]

How to Make Your WordPress Blog Pinterest Friendly

How to Make Your WordPress Blog Pinterest Ready It’s no secret. We live in a digital age that is becoming more and more visual. People like to scan articles rather than reading. Content is king, but unless that content contains pictures? It’s quickly passed over.

We see daily the growth that platforms like Pinterest are experiencing and many of us are noticing that our stats reflect that growth. When my incoming traffic made the switch from mostly Google searches to mostly Pinterest clickthroughs I knew it was time to change something.

Is it time for you too?
[Read more...]

Recipe Card Plugins for WordPress

Popular Recipe Card Plugins for WordPress Food Bloggers If you have recipes on your blog and you’re not using a plugin that automatically formats your data so it can be picked up by Google Recipe Search and others, you’re missing out. These plugins optimize your recipes for SEO and for Rich Pins on Pinterest! Trust me, you want to use them!

Below are some of the most popular recipe card plugins for WordPress. They are all highly rated and create beautiful recipe cards for your blog posts. These recipes can be printed without printing the whole post which is a feature I love cause I cook a lot and I find most of my recipes online! [Read more...]

Music Review: David Gray – Mutineers

David Gray I was talking to some friends recently about music and the arts and how so often we find that people only support the arts they approve of, especially in the Christian culture. I grew up listening to a very limited selection of music and wasn’t introduced to much else till I was in my late teens because “not all Christian music was wholesome” and non-Christian music certainly wasn’t ok. Fast forward many years and you’ll find me liking and supporting a wide variety of music. I feel that Christian or not, when you have been given the gift of music and you share it with the world, you are ministering to and touching people. In our discussion I used David Gray’s music as an example of this because I find that I write and code best to the folk-rock genre and my absolute favorite Pandora station is the David Gray station. While I have other favorite stations (MercyMe for housework and Norah Jones when I’m feeling sappy) this particular genre helps me focus and get things done. [Read more...]