DIY LEGO Birthday Party

DIY LEGO Birthday Party We’re a geeky family. It’s no secret that we all like LEGO, even mom and dad. We consider these building blocks an investment since our boys will be able to play with them for years to come.

So, I wasn’t a bit surprised when my oldest asked for a LEGO themed birthday party.

I looked at WalMart. No LEGO party goods, gift bags or cards.

I then searched Pinterest and came up with a nice little collection of LEGO Birthday Party Ideas. I knew I wouldn’t get to use them all, but just seeing the pictures of what people had done inspired me to make this party fun without breaking the bank!

invitationDIY LEGO Party Invites
Since we do family-only parties I only needed to email a couple of invites, but I wanted them to be fun so I found a free downloadable printable on Pinterest, saved the image to my computer and then used my graphics software to make a few edits.

LEGO Brownies
I decorate cakes, but my oldest doesn’t like frosting, so that option was out. I did however have an idea for the brownies he’d asked for. I put a little bit of the batter in each of 6 well greased muffin tins and put the rest in a rectangular glass baking dish. When everything was cool I cut the rounded tops off the ‘muffins’ and turned them over on the pan of brownies. Not fancy, but to a six year old it was the perfect LEGO brownie!


LEGO Brownies

DIY LEGO Gift Bag and Card
Homemade LEGO Giftbag and Card

These I had to get really creative with. Our store had ONE solid colored gift bag and no paper, card stock, scrapbook paper… nothing to match it. I finally found a foam craft kit with some green foam that was close and also came with letters and small circles. So, I bought the kit and the bag and came home to craft! I cut big circles from the foam and glued to the gift bag then used the mini circles, some rectangles I cut and the letters to make a card.

DIY LEGO Party Decor
We did buy plates, napkins and paper cups on Amazon and a plain red tablecloth from WalMart. But, the rest was up to us. I’d seen an idea on Pinterest for a LEGO silverware caddy so Gabe and I built one together. He also put some LEGO figures out on the table to take the place of confetti and it turned out really cute.

What kinds of themed birthday parties have your kids wanted?
Last year everything was Transformers. We’ve also done Whinnie the Pooh, John Deere, Toy Story, Football, and Zoo themed parties. Can you tell I have two boys???

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