How-To Add a Copyright Watermark to Your Photos

How to Add a Copyright Watermark to Your PhotosWith all this talk about bloggers’ images being stolen, lots of people are asking, how do I protect my images?

Here are a few methods bloggers can use to watermark images.

How to Watermark Images with Free Software

Using Pickmonkey upload your photo. Use the Text tool to add some text and set the ‘fade’ so the text is slightly transparent. Put the text over any part of the image you like. You may try and cover enough of the focal point to make the image unusable by people who would try to crop around or cover your watermark.

If you would like to use your logo as a watermark, upload your photo and use the Overlay (the icon looks like a bunch of shapes) tool and choose Your Own at the top. You can upload a file, drag to where you’d like it to be, and set the ‘fade’ or transparency of the overlay.

How to Watermark a Batch of Images

This is the option I use the most! If you have a whole bunch of images and you’d like to watermark them all at once, you can use a free downloadable software called Picasa. Use this software to open your directory of images. In the library mode, select the images you wish to watermark, holding down your Ctrl key to select multiple images. Then use the Export feature at the bottom of the page. Here you may also choose to export as a smaller size, to reduce the file size for web use. Check the Watermark box at the bottom of the dialog window and then type in whatever you’d like to have on the image. I use my twitter handle: @EricaMueller

How to Watermark Photos in Picasa

This will put the text on the bottom right corner of your image. This won’t keep someone from downloading, cropping, and using your images, but it does send a clear message that this is YOUR image and isn’t free for others to use.

Use a WordPress Plugin to Watermark Your Images

This one I recommend to photographers, but not the every day blogger who may be using stock images as well as their own because it will put the watermark on every photo of your site. You really don’t want to be claiming ownership of someone else’s photo. However, if you use only photos you’ve taken, the Transparent Image Watermark plugin will save you a lot of time and will protect every image you upload using your own custom image or logo. Watermark RELOADED will give you a very simple text overlay watermark and Watermark My Image will put a small ribbon with your information on the bottom of every image you upload. This last one doesn’t keep people from downloading and cropping, but it will state that the image belongs to you.

I looked online, and here are a few more tutorials for watermarking your images!

Do you watermark your images?

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      That’s awesome that you helped her with that. I have a friend who just had her photos and pattern stolen and people are reselling it, marketing with her images. It’s crazy what people will do! Good to know your mom’s photos are safe!

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      I learn something new every day! Thank you, Robyn, for leaving the link to your post so other people can see that option.

      I have never used Live Writer. I hear a lot of people like it. I guess I just don’t mind writing directly in WP so I never bothered to try anything else. What am I missing?

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