Tips for Avoiding Identity Theft while Traveling

Tips for Avoiding Identity Theft While TravelingI can hear you saying, but Summer is fun and carefree and vacations are a time to get away from worry and stress! Yes, they are, but that doesn’t mean the bad guys are going to leave you alone while you play. Far from it. Did you know that summer is one of the top seasons for identity theft? Part of this stems from the theft of electronics people take with them on vacation…

So, how do you protect your identity?

Leave Your Laptops at Home While You Travel
You’re on vacation, remember? Your phone and tablet should be enough to keep you connected while on the go. Do yourself a favor and leave the laptops at home. Less taken = less stolen in the event someone gets a hold of your things. Your laptops are far more likely to hold sensitive information like logins to your bank account, your budgeting software, and personal items than your phone or tablet. So, leave them at home and avoid identity theft during travel.

Use the Hotel Safe to Store Your Electronics
If you’re headed out for some fun on the beach or a dip in the pool, lock your expensive and sensitive items in the hotel room safe. Most hotels have these and you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing room service and cleaning isn’t going to swipe them.

Identity Theft InfographicUse Passwords on Your Electronics
It’s pretty easy to set up a passcode or password on your device’s start screen to keep people from just turning your gadgets on and using them. Set these up before you leave to help secure your information. Most small items like phones are stolen by kids who don’t know how to hack your device. If you’ve protected your information with a passcode it will be that much harder for the offender to get your personal information.

Today’s fast-paced mobile world opens numerous doors for thieves to access your credit and other personal information for their own gain. Identity Guard® helps protect you from the threat of identity theft with solutions that let you know about potentially dangerous activity involving your personal information. Did you know adults aren’t the only ones affected by Identity Theft? Identity Guard now offers kID Sure℠ to help families stay protected. With kids being online at a younger and younger age, it’s important to not only teach them about the risks and dangers, but also protect their identities, especially while you travel this summer!

What are your favorite tips for a worry free vacation?

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  1. Amy says

    Nice tips! Actually, when me and my family go on vacation, we don’t really bring gadgets with us except for cellphones because I believe that gadgets are great eye catcher for thieves. Better be sure than to take risk during vacation.

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