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Review of: Edit Flow and Color Admin Posts

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On June 21, 2012
Last modified:June 20, 2014


Edit Flow gets 5 Stars. It's an AMAZING editorial tool and I am loving it on the multi-author blogs I work with. Color Admin posts is fabulous too, but I wish it came with options to add post statuses so I didn't have to hack the plugin.

Great Plugins for Multi Author WordPress BlogsSo, you have a WordPress site with multiple authors, and as the editor, you’re always swamped with editorial calendars, editing, and scheduling of posts. You wish there was some way to make this whole process easier.

Enter my favorite plugin combo, Color Admin Posts (modified) and Edit Flow.

Edit Flow is the ultimate plugin for multi-author blogs.

Features to Love:

Custom Statuses: On top of Published, Draft, Pending, and Private, you now have Pitch and Assigned statuses, as well as the ability to add your own custom statuses. This means you can create new posts, (titles) assign an author and the Assigned status, and it will be easy for your authors to come in and see their assignments! They can be filtered out via a link at the top, or easily seen using some color coding which we’ll talk about later. The Pitch status is used when one of your authors starts their own post and wishes to pitch the idea to you, the editor, for such a topic. You then have the ability to move it to drafts or assign it.

A Calendar: For weekly or monthly view of your content, use the calendar! Unpublished posts can be dragged to a new date, calendar can be sorted by post status, and you can go back and see how last month looked.

Editorial Comments: You can now have notes on a post-by-post basis, allowing you and your author to communicate about the status, edits, and needs of a post.

Editorial Meta Data allows you to leave notes, due-by-date, first draft date, and post requirements when you create and assign a post. This will save you time, and will help you communicate exactly what you expect from your author.

Notifications allow you to subscribe to updates, statuses, and Editorial Comments so you (or your authors) are emailed when something is updated and they’re not waiting around, wondering if you’ve gotten around to checking their comment/question about a post.

Story Budget is like reporting. You can select upcoming posts by date and you’ll get a report of posts and their statuses. You can then print this to take to a meeting, or give to a client.

And finally, User Groups. Perhaps you have a group of writers in each topic. This would allow you to sort them by the topic they write for, send a message to just the authors in that group, etc. So helpful for those big sites with lots of contributors!

Plugin Site:
Download: WordPress Plugin Directory

Color Admin Posts

This one works pretty cool right out of the box, and it’s great for ANY blog, not just multi-author! Basically, it turns your Posts list into a color coded rainbow. It’s a beautiful thing. Really. See at a glance the status of your posts. You’re even able to change which colors it uses.

When I use it with Edit Flow I modify the plugin, copying the last line of each section twice, to make new fields for Assigned and Pitch statuses so I can apply color to those as well. This is pretty easy to do via the Plugin Editor that is built into WordPress. Just keep in mind that once it’s edited, any automatic updates to the plugin will overwrite your modifications and you’ll need to re-modify it. (takes about 3 minutes. promise)

Download: WordPress Plugin Directory

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  1. Michelle Grid says

    I really like the multi-color admin posts… I’ve been looking for a plugin like that for so long and I am glad i found it on this site!

    • Erica says

      Michelle, I’m now using it on a couple sites and I’m just so tickled with how organized everything looks and how easy it is to see, at a glance, the status of a post!

  2. says

    I used to use Edit Flow but switched recently to WordPress Editorial Calendar, purely due to the latter being far more actively worked on as well as supported. Personal choice and I agreeErica, that Edit Flow is still a good plugin.

    I am going to check out that multi-colour Admin Post plugin – looks cool.
    Martin Cooney recently posted..I Love Her But I Don’t Want To Be With HerMy Profile

    • Erica says

      I have used and recommended Editorial Calendar for years! It is an excellent plugin! I just felt we needed something a little more robust for a project I’m working on and so far we’re liking Edit Flow. Being able to assign an article and letting the authors pitch ideas really makes the editor’s job easier!

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