Rascal Flatts – Changed (Review)

How do you feel about Country music? I’ve always said I have an open mind when it comes to music. I love and appreciate music and I can usually find something I like in every genre. For all of my life tho, Country Music has been near the bottom of the list. I know why; I appreciate a clear voice and let’s face it, Country puts a lot of emphasis on twang, nasal sounds and not necessarily ‘clear’ anything. I do appreciate that it’s a story-genre, and when I find a song I like, I really love it.

One of the most-played kid movies in our house is Cars. Rascal Flatt’s song, Life is a Highway has been burnt into my memory, and guess what? I love it! I’ve liked a few of their songs over the years, so when BlissDom announced them as a special guess performance I was pretty excited. This not-a-country-music-fan knew she’d have a blast, and boy was she right! These guys put on a killer performance that is just down-right fun! So, when given the opportunity to review their new album, Changed, I jumped on it. IMG_0748I can’t say it’ll be easy to find a place for it among my CD collection… it’ll look rather out of place, but that’s ok… it might not make it there. I’ve half-a-mind to leave it in my car’s stereo for driving music! You know, if my country music loving brother doesn’t steal it when he comes to visit next week!

IMG_0747Released April 3rd, Changed is a melting pot of all the things you love about Rascal Flatts. From love ballads, to the title song, Changed, about which Gary LeVox has this to say “I think I just kind of held the pen and God wrote that one, but it sums up everything in our lives in the past ten years. It’s one of those universal lyrics that everybody has lived some part of.” I couldn’t agree more.

It’s hard to pick a favorite song from an album, but I think the song that I’d pick from Changed is A Little Home. I live a long ways from my family and I know that feeling when you just need to hear mom’s voice on the other end of the line, and how a picture of your sister’s smile can make your day. Sometimes you just need a little home…

Changed is Rascal Flatt’s eighth studio album and their first with brand new material in two years. Since their musical debut in 2000, the band has sold over 21 million albums, 25 million digital downloads and delivered 13 #1 singles to the top of the charts! Impressive, right? I thought so!

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Disclosure: This CD was given to me by One2One Network. All opinions and photos (except the album cover of course) are my own!

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