Pinterest Etiquette – Tips for Pinterest Best Practice

Today I have a post over at Blissfully Domestic that I would like to share with all my Pinterest loving friends!

Pinterest Etiquette – Seven Tips to Keep in Mind When Pinning

Are you a Pinterest user? If not, and you’d like to be, leave a comment here (just put your email address in the email spot on the form – I’ll see it, but no one else will) and I’ll invite you!


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  1. Sophia says

    I’m highly intrigued about Pinterest and I’ve jumped right into it. your post has inspired me to look a bit deeper and blog about it from my perspective. Great job :)

  2. Diorel says

    I heard so much great words about Pinterest. I’m still thinking of making an account since I am worried if I will be able to update it once in a while because of my busy schedule. Read your article anyway. :)

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