Help Me Decorate My #BlissDom Tote Bag with Sharpies

Image by Hannah BraboyThe BlissDom conversation is really heating up! Twitter blew up this evening as the evening entertainment was announced and conference attendees hurried to share the news.

The best part of BlissDom, to me, is getting to spend time with people who ‘get’ me. They understand my frustration when I say “Twitter is borked today!” or “I have writer’s block and this post is due tonight…” They understand that working from home doesn’t mean watching soaps playing surfing the web all day. No, it’s actual, hard, mind-challenging, and sometimes stressful, WORK. These women, and a few men, offer words of encouragement, understanding smiles, and nod in unison with you when the speaker on the stage puts words to the feeling you’ve had for three years.

This year I want to capture some of those words, those moments. The names of people I love. And, I want to carry them with me year round. How?

When you register at BlissDom, you’re always given a totebag of goodies. Until this year, it’s been a fabulous canvas tote from Land’s End. I hear it’s different this year, but that my idea may still be a lot of fun, so I’m going to share it with you!

I’m packing a HUGE bundle of colorful Sharpie markers and I’m going to ask people to sign my tote bag. In true social media fashion, I’ll ask that you sign using your Twitter handle, and if you are inclined, to leave me a short note (140 character max, folks!) of encouragement for 2012. It can be one word, or a full sentence. If I mean something to you, say it. If you have advice, share it. If you just want to join the fun? Walk up to me, ask for a marker, and put your Twitter name on my bag! I want this to be so much fun and I want to think of you every time I use my bag, all year long.

Want to join me? Grab a package of Sharpies and toss in your suitcase…

PS. Did you know Sharpie has a collection of 80’s GLAM color markers? FUN! I may or may not have bought 3 different packages of markers today…

PPS. No, this is not a sponsored post. Sharpie has no idea (yet) that they’re making a huge appearance at BlissDom. :-)


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  1. Cindy Reed says

    I LOVE COLORFUL SHARPIES!!! Yes, I love them in all caps. If I can swing a trip to the office store, I’m so in.

    • Erica says

      I was so disappointed that the bags were dark colored this year. My idea wouldn’t work so great on these new bags. :-( But hey, now I have tons of fun markers!

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