How to Paginate WordPress Posts

You’re likely familiar with the <!- – more – -> tag which allows you to decide where to break a post and insert a “read more” link on the front page of your blog, but did you know there’s also a <!- – nextpage  – -> tag you can use to paginate long posts?

If your post or article is longer than your sidebar, you’re covering several topics, or you simply long for the ability to separate items in your posts, paginating a WordPress post can be really helpful!

Here’s how:

Manually – Open the HTML tab of your post editor and insert the following tag wherever you’d like your post to break:


Get the button – There is a fabulous plugin for adding a button to your post editor’s toolbar so all you have to do is put your cursor where you want the break then click the button! NextPage Buttons is downloadable from the WP plugins directory.

Coming soon: How to customize the “read more” text shown when you enter the <!- -more- -> tag!

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    • Erica says

      No, I don’t know which version. I actually saw somewhere that this was a depreciated feature, but it has worked on the blogs I’ve implemented it on. There are instructions available via Google search, for adding this feature to your template if it doesn’t work automatically. I need to find a set that’s easy to follow and link it here!

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