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While setting up a website for an author, I was asked if we could have a page with a store locator for people to find local stores that sell the author’s book. I didn’t know if anything like this existed, so off I went to search…

Not only does a Store Locator WordPress plugin exist, but, it rocks! The plugin requires a Google API key, but is very straightforward about how to acquire one and the setup is a breeze. The backend of this plugin is simple and easy to manage.

Plugin name: Google Maps Store Locator for WordPress (Store Locator)
Plugin Home Page: Viadat Creations
Download from WordPress – Store Locator Plugin for WordPress

I have included a short screenshot of me adding a location to the map, and viewing it in the store locator. I apologize for the lack of audio; I just don’t have the setup for that today. :-) However, you’ll be able to see how easy it is to add a store, and what the page looks like when the map/locator is loaded.

See it in action

While additional themes for the plugin are currently unavailable, I’ve found this plugin to work very well and look fabulous on it’s own.

What would you use a store locator plugin for?

Disclaimer: The site in the screenshot is not officially live, but it does belong to one of my clients and I’m excited to say, I’ll be showing it off real soon!

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  1. Vinny2020 says

    This is cool. Would be nicer if you didn’t have to manually add each location but good enough for or a local business when a few locations around town. Thanks for posting this.

  2. says

    Yea, if there were a whole lot of stores it might take a while to add the locations, but for small time businesses/chains, this is an awesome tool. A friend of mine is wanting to use it to outline a popular tour for a destination. I think it’s going to be great!

  3. Liora kahn says

    Hi Erica,
    Once you added a location, where does the map desplay? (a page? a post?) I added a location, but cant find the map on my website…. Please help. Thanks, Liora

  4. Anonymous says

    You are amazing.  I wish I could take your brain and put in my head.  LOL :)  xoxoxoxo  I could use this plugin for a million different things.  I am looking forward to using it.

  5. says

    You can also try out our recently developed proximity search WordPress Store Locator plugin called ZipDirector. We will be adding more features in the coming weeks. If you give it a try please let us know about your experience via our support section.
    ZipDirector recently posted..ZipDirector 1.1.3 ReleaseMy Profile

  6. mikeg says

    tried the plugin, lots of potential :) It really could do with share location geo location pinpointing.
    it may be two in the morning and i dont know where i am in say london…

  7. says

    Hopefully this doesn’t come across as self-serving but as a self-employed designer/developer, a store locator type of plugin is one of the most requested items we’ve been asked to quote out. In the end we developed one and it also allows a lot of other features mentioned here in your comments, such as bulk uploading of each location, and custom map images/pinpoints/sharing, etc.

    Feel free to check it out:


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