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Organization is something I could never live without. Ask me where something is in my home and I can pretty much tell you without even stopping to think. Even if it’s in a pile on the desk, I know where it is.

The only exception to this is my online life. That is, my bookmarks. Yes, I have folders for them, and once they’re bookmarked and in a folder I can find them alright, but I don’t actually bookmark something unless I know for sure I’ll need it later. This leaves all the cool stuff I happen across, lost. I don’t have a specific place to make a note of a cool theme I’ve found or a plugin I might want to use later.

The Answer? SpringPad!

When I was given the chance to review SpringPad I took it! You want to know what sealed the deal? No, not the gift card they’re giving me to Amazon… It was that little button you can drag to your bookmarks toolbar so you can SpringIt no matter where you’re at! You don’t have to leave the page, it just opens a little window and you decide what category you want it in, if you’d like to add it to a list, and add tags and a note if you’d like.You can also add media, or share the link.

You can share your public lists with your friends! The simple url’s for for users makes it easy to show friends your page. Mine is http://springpadit.com/ericamueller

Simplicity at it’s best.

So, this past week I’ve been Springing the cool things I’ve found, ensuring that I can go back later and find them again! Resturaunts, Recipes, Webpages, Tutorials, Blog Posts, Products, Lists, anything I need to keep!

I’m really looking forward to having all of my stuff in one place. I have a lot to add, and I’m sure I’ll be filling up my account real soon! I just love how fast and easy this is!

Oh! Did I mention there’s an iPhone app? Or, if you’re like me and you use another phone, you can access/use SpringPad via the mobile site, m.springpadit.com! This is great because I’m going to my first NASCAR race (Texas Motor Speedway!) next weekend and now I can quickly access, from my Palm Pre, the bookmarks I added for driving directions and event schedule!

How SpringPad Works:

And, here’s a fabulous post from the SpringPad team! It goes into a little more detail and shows a lot of pictures for those who like to see something before signing up.


SrpingPad is a cool company, and to reward people for signing up (which is totally free) they’re giving away some $25 Amazon.com gift cards!

Giveaway Instructions: In order to be entered into the giveaway, you must create your own (free!) Springpad account. Then spring, or save, something on your wish list–it can be anything from a book to a pair of shoes you’ve had your eye on. Each item you spring works as a raffle ticket, so the more things you spring the more chances you have to win! Then enter your Springpad username (like so: http://springpadit.com/YOURUSERNAME) in the comments section of this post so we can track what you’ve saved. The winner will receive a $25 Amazon gift card to go towards that item.

How do you think SpringPad could help you?

Ready for more? I have hand-selected some things I think you might enjoy.


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