My Laptop Smells Like Coffee

I’m back and my laptop has a fancy new trick; it plays with my sense of smell and teases me into thinking there’s coffee brewing in the kitchen…

There we are, sitting in a huge dining hall at the conference venue, and someone stands up, grabs a mic and makes an announcement that anyone who left their laptops in the conference room should come back and claim them. Many of us were confused, as we’d been told earlier that we could leave our electronic oxen in the conference room to charge between sessions and not have to carry them all over the resort. So, we trecked the half-mile back to pick up our things and I got my stuff all unplugged, wound up the cords, and started packing everything into my laptop bag. I closed the laptop, picked it up, and liquid drained out in a steady stream.


Someone, probably hotel staff who came in to tidy up between sessions, had spilled a cup of coffee on my laptop. Yes, we left cups on the table, but strategically placed them in the center of the tables, behind the laptops where they couldn’t get bumped by elbows, cords, or notepads. Even if one did get knocked over, the drinks would maybe splash the backs of our machines, but the majority of the mess would quickly be absorbed by the table cloths… The fact that nothing around my laptop was wet tells me something was dropped directly onto it, allowing the liquid to filter down between the keys and puddle inside. There was so much coffee inside the machine that my laptop bag was soaked within minutes of the laptop being placed inside.

Surprisingly, the laptop still worked. And, it continued to work till I was packing it up to bring home on Sunday morning. Then, it acted like it got stuck halfway through the process of shutting down. I worried about it the whole. way. home. When I plugged it in last night and fired it up, I got all sorts of errors, and ended up being left with no choice but to allow a revert back to an earlier working point.The ‘fix’ seems to have remedied the problem…

And so, here I am, working on a coffee scented laptop. When it starts to get a little warm, the smell of Columbian brew drifts up to meet my nose and I yearn for a steaming cup of coffee to warm my hands…

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  1. Nikki says

    This is probably really wrong to say because you and I BOTH KNOW that it wasn't our cups that spilled on or into your laptop but… On the bright side, as long as your laptop continues to work, you WILL always have memories of Blissdom every time you fire up the laptop and start your day.

  2. says

    Yes, I'm just glad it still works, and you're right, it will be a constant reminder of Blissdom!

    It will also remind me not to trust people and just leave my laptop sitting out…

  3. Happy and Blue 2 says

    Actually coffee scented laptops would probably sell well.
    Have you given any thought to marketing the idea, ha,ha..

  4. Patty Reiser says

    I know for a fact that you take take a cell phone that has gotten wet and place it into a container of dry rice and the rice will absorb the moisture. Perhaps this would work on a laptop as well? Just a thought.

  5. says

    haha. That's what we need to do!! Make a coffee scented lapdesk that emits the scent when it gets warm, or some kind of scented sticker people can put on the bottom of their laptops….

  6. says

    I should have asked the hotel restaurants for rice! haha It's all dried out now, and working fine, so I don't think rice would be much use to me now, but thanks for the reminder! I've heard that before, but totally forgot!

  7. says

    Well, I don't think it was the hotel's fault we all left our machines in the room… conf. organizers were the ones that told us we could. Had my laptop not worked, I would have made a big fuss to both parties. But, I'm ok… it works!!

  8. lizzydear says

    I'm glad it's at least working, but still what an awful thing to happen!
    I miss you, and hope to get together again sometime soon!! :)

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